Also, I'm working under John Kelly and Lena Hileman at KU.   We, along with our 
collaborators at Duke, would get a lot of use out of an expected transcriptome 
that we could blast illumine data against.  If we sent you our genome in .fasta 
format along with the .gff expected transcript file is their anyway you could 
combine these into a database we could align against?


On Nov 2, 2011, at 12:03 PM, Jack Colicchio wrote:

> Hey,
> Jack Colicchio here, a PhD. student at KU.  I am about to get an illumina 
> Next gen transcriptome data setthat I would like to align and quantify 
> against a list of expected transcripts from Mimulus guttatus.  The expected 
> transcripts are in .gff format, and I was wondering how I could get that file 
> uploaded to you're website to allow me to align my transcriptome against.  I 
> successfully uploaded the .GFF file, and can view it on your site, but do not 
> know how I could blast my .fastq data from illumine against this file.
> Thanks,
> Jack

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