Dear Galaxy,

I am using Galaxy on my work for analysing a whole genome sequencing project.

On the server I wanted to upload two BAM files (ALL and FL). With FileZilla I 
uploaded them on the FTP server because the files are around 20 GB.
When I tried to upload them in Galaxy I can see them in the list from the FTP 
server and when I try to upload them they appear in the column on the right, 
but they stay gray and the comment 'job is waiting to run' stays present 
instead of 'job running' or 'completed'.

Hopefully you can help me with this problem.

With kind regards,

Linda Slot

Linda Slot, MSc
AMC Amsterdam
Department of Pathology, L2-115
Meibergdreef 9
1105 AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands 020-5665638

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