Hi Richard,
Those are some good questions, and here are my answers.
First, off all of the Asteroids will have flyby sounds associated to 
them so as you approach one you should hear it in front of you, off to 
the left, off to the right. I am probably going to go with the 
DirectSound pan control for this project panning the sounds in relation 
to your ship rather than delve in to working with 3D listeners, and 
other more dvanced topics like that.
Second, the DirectSound volume control can adjust the volume of the 
asteroid in real time to sound as if you are getting closer or further 
away from the asteroid or UFO you are attempting to shoot.
Third, I am going to use a targeting beep which will increase in pitch 
as you get to the correct firing solution for the enemy target you want 
to shoot at. Once it is at the highest pitch shoot and your laser shot 
should hit dead center on the target.
Fourth, I am going to be adding an n hot key which will cycle through 
the available targets like in Tank Commander and select the number of 
the Asteroid or color of the UFO you want to shoot at, and then of 
course line it up for a shot.
Fifth, I am using prerecorded wav files to speak the fuel, shields, 
location, and other critical information.
As to why I picked an Asteroids style clone it was always one of my 
favorite games on the Atari. It also happens to be a game lacking in the 
accessible games comunity. I thought it would be a great classic not 
only to bring back for others to play, but use it as a teaching tool.
At some point as I build on the project I might just upgrade it to a 
fully qualified 3D version which would be even better yet. Although, I 
could go 3D now, but that might confuse newbies, but then again all the 
math would be in the code so perhaps 3D would be better than 2D. Some 
things to think about.
As I mentioned above I am adding flying saucers to the game. It makes 
the game more interesting if you have say a blue, green, red, and yellow 
saucers hanging around, attacking you, and you have to fend them off at 
the same time as you clear the Asteroid field.
Also I plan to ad suns, blackholes, and wormholes to the game.
If you get to near the sun it will shoot off solar flares as well as the 
gravity will damage your ship. Blackholes will shoot off energy shots as 
well as attempt to crush you. Wormholes will be used to jump to the next 
This is basicly Asteroids with some new life, and more excitement in the 

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