Thanks, phil. It makes sense.
I wish there was a key in the game where you could hear your health and your
hit points.
I also wish that you could get information about the monster's hit points
you are fighting. When you are fighting the urchin lord in self destruct,
you can check your health and the urchin lord's health.
I wish the same could happen with sod.
Something else I don't understand about the manual. It says that  a med kit
will always  increase my health with 50 percent. This is not only when using
coffee, it applies to med kids from the start of the game.
But I  noticed that my health is 39 and  when I use a med kit my health only
goes to 42.

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Hi nicol,
The coffee machine strategy is correct.
But coffee will not make you invulnerable to damage.
Here is the example of how coffee works:
Your percentage health is 75 percent but what you do not know is that your
maximum hit points is 100
So you have 75 hit points.
You drink a coffee and your maximum hit points go up to 150.
But your hit points are still 75 so when you check your health it looks like
it is reduced to 50 percent.
Now if you take a med kit and it increases your health by 100 points.
But the med kit will only increase your health to your maximum hit points.
So before you drank the coffee you would go from 75 to 100, but after the
coffee you would go from 75 to 150.
Which means the coffee med kit strategy would give you an extra 50 points.
I wish David allowed you to know how many actual hit points you had to end
the confusion of your hit point percentage going down even though you have
the chance to get more hit points with the med kit.
Of course all my numbers are not the actual ones you would get, your health
may vary when taking a med kit and when drinking coffee.

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