Yeah, that is some pretty poor graphics. Grin.
The version of Pong on my Linux system I am sitting at right now is at
least several times better in graphics technology since  this  version
uses OpenGL as the graphics technology. OpenGL is the Mac and Linux
alternative  to DirectX Direct3D and as equally as good in most cases.

On Sun, 2008-08-10 at 21:58 -0400, Jim Kitchen wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Actually the pong ball was a rectangle because it was one pixel.  That was 
> how poor the resolution was on the Atari 2600.  But hey if you didn't look 
> too close at it, it did kind of look like a round ball.
> I have not done any graphics for a very long time.  I do remember redefining 
> the ASCII character set on my Texas Instruments 99 4a to draw pictures with 
> it.  The Extended Basic programming cartridge for the Atari 800 XL home 
> computer had some special game graphics functions, like sprites.  Once you 
> drew it you could give it a direction and speed and it would continue moving 
> until you told it to stop.  I believe that they also had automatic collision 
> detection.
> But heck I don't even like putting text on the screen in windows because JFW 
> will not report row and column as JFD did.  You know I liked to keep the text 
> organized in columns etc.  So now I just go for self voicing or for some 
> little programs like my blood sugar and blood pressure tracker program I just 
> use the VB6 input boxes.

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