Hi there

Check out http://www.slipgatelegacy.com. It seems that the very friendly lead 
developer there decided that people such as ourselves aren't worth developing 
for- insisting that moOs are outdated and boring, and are for, as he puts it, 
"Brainless addicts." He also thinks that we are stupid (or, some people are, 
anyway), because the majority of people who played there were visually 
impaired, if I'm not mistaken. Its sad when a Mud Dev has to sink so low as 
that--very, very sad- but, if this is the atitude he projects, I sure am glad 
to be shed of him.

Does this offend anyone else? 

Have a good day from Tyler C. Wood!

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skype: the_conman283

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Hp pavillion dv5220CA notebook pc
AMD Turion(tm) 64 Mobile Technology ML-37 2.0 GHZ, 1024 mb DDR ram, Fujitsu 100 
gb 4500 RPM Hard Drive, connecsant AC-link audio
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