Mind you I know of plenty of sighted whingy whiny game players that 
are abusive and complain about this and that, I dont think you can 
put it down to just people who can't see.  Sighted children are often 
spoiled and given everything they want too.
At 11:55 AM 4/09/2008, you wrote:
>As for me personally I don't agree with the general tone of his
>announcement, but I can agree with many of the points he made in that
>announcement. He pointed out that MOOs are technologically out of date.
>That to a large degree is true. We have now reached the point where pvp
>and good roll playing games are done through 3D graphical clients
>capable of doing far more for a sighted gamer than text based MOOs. Like
>everything else that is computer related the sighted users tend to go
>where they can get the best visual and graphical effects, and those left
>behind are those with visual impairments that can't use the new
>graphical software, or those geeks that like the text based MOOs for
>their own personal reasons.
>As far as creativity and imagination goes I think he may have a valid
>point. Far too many mud players tend to use ship and character names
>from their favorite television shows instead of actually thinking up
>something a little more unique and personally creative. If, for example,
>you are playing a mud and discover the ship you are about to fight is
>named Voyager, Enterprise, or Defiant you would naturally assume the
>player is a Star Trek fan, and he is most likely pretending the mud is
>an extention of Star Trek. If you were to engage a ship with a name like
>the Exicuter, Milennium Falcon, etc you might then assume the player was
>imagining himself to be in the Star Wars universe. This isn't really all
>that creative, unique, and may detract from the mud for those players
>wanting something specifically related to the mud universe and not bring
>in Star Wars, Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, etc.
>As a game developer myself I can understand the developers desire to
>complain about having to compete with big name science fiction ships and
>characters as he probably wants the players to use there creativity to
>improve the mud. To make the mud universe more interesting, more
>creatively diverse, and not mix and match big name science fiction
>people, places, and things in the mud.
>His complaint about players coming up with generic or common names like
>the Salvager is understandable, but a bit over critical. Not everyone is
>as gifted with creativity and imagination as he thinks he is, and people
>just joined to have a good time. Trying to think up a cool ship name and
>unique character profile does take time, and careful thought. I am
>guessing the majority of the players just signed up, put any old name
>they felt like on there ships, and got on with there adventure. Yeah, it
>might b boring, drab, but for that player it is acceptable. He or she
>was not informed in advanced they had to think up something cool or
>unique before joining the mud, and then the developer gets angry at them
>for their lack of creativity and imagination.
>Finally, the developer does bring up the issue of people with physical
>impairments as a type of player that frequents his game. Putting us down
>as he did was just flat out wrong. We aren't able to move on to bigger
>and better graphical RPG style games, and he knows that. Treating me or
>anyone else with a physical impairment as a seperate species of human
>not worth his time is unfairr, but not really surprising.
>After all, the majority of the people on this list already know what
>sighted people generally think of blind people anyway. They either think
>we are inferior to them and can't do anything they can do, or they see
>an item on the news about a blind musician and collectively assume that
>blind people are all going to have equal musical talents. There are all
>kinds of eronious assumptions sighted people make about blind people,
>and what we are seeing here is some of that coming to the surface in a
>negative way from a sighted software developer ready to get out of his
>current business
>Do I find his message offensive? No, I don't really find it offensive. I
>have known for a very long time that many sighted people secretly have
>negative opinions of people with physical impairments such as blindness.
>In some cases the opinion is justified when their only encounter is with
>a blind person who has an attitude of being very winy, complains a lot,
>or gets angry when things don't go his/her way. As a game developer
>myself I have encountered a handful of such a group of blind gamers that
>were very winy, do nothing but complain endlessly about this or that, or
>were very verbally abusive when requesting information about one of my
>game projects. If they take that same attitude and point it at a
>mainstream sighted developer they will find they simply won't put up
>with it. They will also will find they will have left that sighted
>developer with the opinion that blind gamers have no life, that they are
>winy, have bad attitudes, and aren't worth helping. So if that happened
>to this developer I can't find what he said too offensive.
>One last thought before I go. His point about the 27 players that got
>back on Meriani 7 minutes after it was restarted does make one wonder
>what were those 27 people doing prier to its restart. Did they get an
>email or advanced notice it would be back on or were they trying and
>trying to connect until they got on. Either way it might suggest to me
>as with him that some people have an obsession with their muds, and
>there lives must revolve around there alternative identities. I love
>gaming, but there is a time to quit, read a book, or do something else
>more constructive with your life than play games 24/7.
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