I'm planning to buy one device, and only one device, that will enhance my 
gaming.  Game pad?  Joystick?  I'm not sure what to get or how much it will 
cost and how easily it is used on games for the blind.  I want force feedback 
for when a game includes it.  I don't want billions of buttons if I don't need 
them.  (grin)  I'll probably get swamped with responses, which is cool.  The 
responses I want, though, should be informative.  I don't merely want one like 
"Get the 86-RB-12."  I want, in essence, your experiences with your suggested 
device.  Why should I get this one as oposed to another?  What, if anything, 
makes it stand out.  It must work with Windows XP, and, preferably, a USB 
device or something that will hook to a PC that is not all that new.  Also, if 
software must be installed, sighted assistance must not be required.  I use 
JAWS 9.0.  Thanks.

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