Well, the Logitec Momo Racing Wheel should give you the features you are 
asking for. As far as price goes it is about $99.00 USD. That's not that 
expensive in my opinion, but we all have our opinions what constitutes 
As far as accessible racing games that gives you pretty good support for 
the racing wheel I'd say it is Rail Racer. You can do some pretty good 
turns with the wheel, use the gas to speed up, release the gas to slow, 
use the shifter to switch gears, etc. I'd definitely recommend RR and 
the Logitec Momo Racing Wheel if you are into racing games.
As for USA Raceway eventually I still hope to add support for force 
feedback racing controllers like the Momo Racing Wheel. However, because 
support for the Momo Racing Wheel is OS specific I'll have to add it to 
the Windows port of the game while excluding it in non-Windows versions 
of the game.

constantine (on laptop) wrote:
> Hi,
> I was just curious- are there any games that simulate a real driving 
> experience, thereby requiring a steering wheel with a clutch petal, break, 
> gas, etc? And of course, a shifter? And if you don't shift just right, you 
> lose, or stall the engine, or some such? That would be majorly fun imho. I 
> doubt that a steering wheel with that many features would be cheap, though.
> contact details:
> and others
> skype: the_conman283

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