Hi Charles,

I have not used a bunch of different joysticks or anything, so I can only tell 
you about the two that I do have.  So I have a Saitek ST290 Pro.  It is just a 
standard move left, right, back and fourth or twist it one stick joystick.  No 
force feedback on it.  It is pretty large and has a wrist rest and is 
comfortable on the hand.  There is a trigger and 5 other buttons as well as a 
slider lever.  It is U S B.  It cost twenty dollars.  I installed no software, 
just plugged it in and it worked.  I very much enjoy playing Puppy1 and Pong 
with it.  I tried it with Top Speed 2, but preferred the keyboard or steering 

I also have a Logitech MOMO Racing steering wheel joystick.  It does have force 
feedback.  There is a base with a large plastic screw to hold it in place like 
on a keyboard tray.  The steering wheel is very nicely covered.  It has six 
buttons on the wheel itself.  Then there are two very convenient fin type 
buttons just behind but on the wheel.  There is also a gear shift knob to the 
right of the wheel.  Then there is the gas and brake peddles on a floor base.  
Which has a flip down none slip grip.  It also is U S B.  It cost one hundred 
dollars.  And again I installed no software, just plugged it in and it worked.  
I have very much enjoyed playing Top Speed 2 and Pong with it.  A bit strange 
playing Puppy1 with it though.  Besides the U S B plug it also needs a power 
source.  You know it has a standard plug that you need to plug into an outlet 
slash power supply slash surge protector.



Time for a new dipstick, it no longer reaches the oil.

(440) 286-6920
Chardon Ohio USA
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