Hello everyone. I believe I've stumbled across something very interesting here. 
It's an unofficial free version of a popular fantasy adventure board game 
called Talisman. There's no single player mode so you'd need to have two or 
more people present at the same computer to derrive the full benefit from this. 
I've just begun to try this out playing two characters myself and the results 
have been good so far. I found the link at the bottom of a Wikipedia article on 
the original board game. It's a zip file and you have to download directly from 
the link as the site itself says it's under construction. Use the "save target 
as" command if you can in order to save the zip file rather than open it. The 
game doesn't install anything. You just extract the files into their own folder 
and run talisman.exe. There's also a file talisman rulebook.exe which provides 
a basic manual for the game. I find this easier to use once you go into the 
"view" menu and get rid of the tree view. The game is quite simple to play and 
you use the cursor keys or numbers to select your options. When you are 
selecting a space to move to on the board, the cursor keys navigate you around. 
Hit the space bar or enter key and you will be told what location you've 
selected and asked whether you're certain you want to go there. It's a bit 
clumsy and slower but it works. The game doesn't rely on you hiding anything 
from your opponents so there are no worries on that score.

I've had best results when I've had my Jaws set to echo all. You could also use 
the review cursor. When you run talisman.exe, you have to hit the space bar or 
enter key at least once before the first readable screen appears. I presume 
there are graphics first.

While a single player option would have been nifty, I look forward to trying 
this game out with family and friends. Even playing one or more characters on 
one's own and seeing whether any of them can make it to the centre and claim 
the crown of command can be entertaining. I'd be interested to hear about how 
others do with this game particularly if you can get one or more other people 
to play with you. The link to this game is:


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