Well Mike's a very good coder. I'm also a coder on there, but as a VB
coder, I suppose learning MOO is easier then not knowing any language,
I can do basic stuff, like set properties, get arguments, the tells,
targets, some command utils, match utils, verbs, mobs, planets, rooms,
descriptions, etc. Obviously the if, for, while statements are just
nothing to me being a VB coder. I am still learning, but me and moo
seem to get along. <Smile>. Though, I frequently forget the
semicolons. But Tristan, was the worst wizard ever. Cosmos is just
stolen code, not to get into a flame, but it's Humanity's code.
Another wizard Andrew Mack, also was a bad wizard. Mean, angry,
cranky, etc. The new wizard, Jayson Smith, is much nicer, and also a
terrific coder. We will be working on doing what we can to make the
moo less of a clone. However, a wizard on Humanity Moo noted that it
wasn't even funny how much code he copied. He literally copied most
lines of code, and paste it into his moo. I heard people say, and I'm
like okay, that's just wrong. Then I witnessed what really was stolen,
and I was almost scared .He failed to give credit to anything, and
never asked for permission. Not to turn this against Tristan, but
Tristan has, and still does, a history of stealing code. I also
consider it highly disrespectful, to just take something, don't give
credit, and just pretend you coded it. Perhaps I am over-reacting..but
let's get back on the subject of HM.
Thanks guys


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