Hi Shaun,
Well, keep in mind that Doom, Doom II, and Doom III are completely different games. They are not expanded upgraded versions of the same game. Same characters, but different story lines and places. So if we compare Shades of Doom to the actual Doom series Shades of Doom 2 and Shades of Doom 3 would have to be totally new games. That means new sounds, new music, etc. Honestly this is one aspect of audio game development that I've noticed is difficult to do in an audio only environment. In sighted games they can use the same enemies over and over again, but draw different levels. They can change the seens, add better graphics technology, change the colors of the enemies, a bunch of things to make the game look and feel different. We are somewhat limited in audio on making games totally different from the last version. For example, in some of the Tomb Raider games Lara can be attacked by gray wolves. In Tomb Raider Prophecy they added a special wolf, a black wolf, that can breath fire. That added a totally different aspect to the game, and the look of the black wolf was quite a bit cooler than the sstandard gray wolves you would normally fight. The best you could do is maybe make the wolf growl ddeeper or something to identify that the difference between a black or gray wolf, but definitly just isn't the same for mine.

shaun everiss wrote:
demitry is right though in a way, we have doom 1 and then 2 then 3 although 
there are reasons why david may not choose to do this and I am sure he has 
thought about it in detail I have wandered if there would be a sod2 sod 3 and 
gtc 2 and 3.
I'd really like a tank game with more missions and the ability to put in 
unlimited missions.

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