Hi Demetry,
Yeah, I know hardware based keys can be a serious pain, but I also can't fault GMA for going to a hardware based key. Remember Shades of Doom 1.0, Lonewolf 3.2 and earlier, Trek 2000, etc all used user name based product keys and those games were getting cracked and passed around quite a lot amung the members of the blind community. What else could GMA do other than let it continue or go to a more secure hardware key system? I know when David Greenwood released Shades of Doom 1.2 he said he got quite a few requests for upgrade keys from invalid users using someone elses user name and product key. Many of them upon finding out the jig was up turned around and purchased valid product keys. I don't know the exact numbers, but it is because of people like that that Che Martin, David Greenwood, and others are using these tighter security key systems. That said hardware ID systems are not impossible to crack. There are cracks out there for the GMA Games, and I'm not going to disclose what they are. However, it is just an example here no matter how good the security system is someone else will figure a way around it. As for passing out the key generator GMA definitely could not do that. Remember Shades of Doom, Sarah, Tank Commander, and Packman, etc are all developed using the GMA Engine. if he released the licensing tool for free then every single game that uses the GMA Engine could be licensed and cracked real easy. No hacking and cracking to it. Just create yourself a key, and no payment required for any and all games using that engine.

Demetry Yousifidou wrote:

Would be better when the games to provide as freeware because alot of
time to spend for support, or resend the codes, or bring out after a
couple of years the key generator.

L-Works has it the same done with Judgmentday as well as David Greenwood
with the license policy.

I think so it's nerved when I re-installed the games sometimes in a new
installed Windows when I mailed every time to the developers and say
please resend me a new unlock code, and then may I can wait and wait for
many days or sometimes also some weeks when the unlock will sent.
I had it with JD and one time also with GMA.
I think the registration codes should be depending with the username and
or email address or so but not with the Hardware ID!

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