Well, there are quite a number of differences between Montezuma's
Revenge and Mysteries of the Ancients. They are similar in that they
are both side-scrollers, both arcade style games, both treasure
hunting games, but that is where the similarities stop and where the
differences begin.
For one thing when I started work on Mysteries of the Ancients I began
with giving the game an all new storyline, different enemies, and
added some new traps. As I am still working on parts of the storyline
I don't want to say too much hear about it, but I can say it is not in
an Aztec temple as in Montezuma's Revenge. Mysteries of the Ancients
is set in an ancient ruins in Grease.
Instead of enemies like skulls, snakes, and spiders you have some
enemies straight out of Greak mythology such as centaurs, harpies,
skeleton warriors, and perhaps a cyclopes or two.
Like Lara Croft, in the Tomb Raider games, Angela Carter is going to
be an expert with all kinds of weapons. Throughout the game you will
be able to find and use all kinds of weapons such as: a Glock 19
pistol, a Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum, an H&K MP5, a Mossberg 500 series
shotgun, a sword, a bow and arrow, and a leather whip. Obviously, the
weapons alone is a huge difference from Montezuma's Revenge.
Another major difference is that Mysteries of the Ancients is only the
first game in a series of games that are going to be marketed under
the Tomb Hunter trademark. In addition to the games I plan to llaunch
a series of short stories or books that continues the adventures of
Angela Carter. Like my very own Tomb Raider series without stepping on
Edos Interactive's big toes.
Since this is going to be an entire series I'm going to have to add a
much more detailed storyline, main characters, some connection between
every game/story, and that also is a huge difference. In my experience
people are more interested in games if they are familiar with the
characters, story, and enjoy the series as a whole.
For example, take Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. People
enjoyed the movies, books, etc. As soon as the game companies saw the
success of the movies and books they immediately released some games,
and the games were amung there top sellers.
Now, I am not saying I am a great writer and that I can create
anything as great as Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. However,
I can provide some background, some fiction, etc that makes it more
than a game. Add the what next to the story, or gives you the history
how Angela ended up in this ancient ruins doing what she is doing.
As for a time limit Sendspace only keeps the files around for 7 days
for a standard user. So once I release the final beta of Montezuma's
Revenge everyone will have exactly 7 days to get it, and then it is
ancient history. So that will be that.

Valiant wrote:
If you were to go ahead and release MR as open source or something like
that, I'm wondering if new potential buyers would snag that instead of
buying MTA. They are somewhat similar I do believe. I'm just thinking you
should make profit off of this sometime. I just thought of that and wanted
to mention it. Maybe the limited time thing would work.
 Like 3 days, then it's gone, or something.

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