Hi Demetry,
Let me explain what has happened in regards to that title. Many of those who get our monthly news letter are aware of what happened to us, but I will recap the important points for you now. Back in December, shortly before Christmas, we were approaching a final release with Montezuma's Revenge, and put it on pre-order. However, unknown to us by putting it on pre-order status someone braught it to the attention of the company that holds the current commercial copywrites for Montezuma's Revenge and Montezuma's Return, and then they contacted us by email. They specifically requested an immediate cease and desist of selling that title. If we refused they threatened us with a lawsuit to pay for copywrite infringement damages. I know enough about U.S. copywrite law to know it was a serious enough issue, and my best legal recourse was to stop selling the product, remove all copies from my web site, and create a new product to give to those customers who already paid for the game over the Christmas holidays. So what we are doing right now is we are rewriting the game under the title Mysteries of the Ancients. It is still a side-scroller, has some of the same kinds of traps, puzzles, game play, etc but we are creating it in such a way that there can be no doubt we are not infringing on the Montezuma's Revenge copywrites. Unfortunately for us back in April my apartment management started remottling our apartment building which took about five months to complete I did not really have a lot of time to work on Mysteries of the Ancients over the late spring and summer. So I've basically for all intents and purposes just started on the rewrite around the last week of August. So far the rewrite is going well, but I don't expect anything substantial until Christmas time or so.
Hope that explains what is going on.

Demetry Yousifidou wrote:

who knows meanwhile what it looks with Montezuma's Revenge? What's the
stage of development? And, what's the last version? When there's a good
chance after over one year for a final version? Already I had had bought
the license shortly before Christmas 2007 at that time and one still can
for the game wait? Who can give me more information about that?

Thanks in advance.

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