I'd say that would be very unlikely. Even if It could be done you have no idea how much extra memory and CPU power it would take to basically position two or more complete different audio environments symaltaniously. Not to mention I still don't see how you could keep from confusing both players unless the split channels were being sent out to separate headphones. For example, let us take a side-scroller like Mysteries of the Ancients. When Angela is making her way through the ancient underground temple enemies and items will be heard out of the left or right speakers depending on if they are left or to the right of her. If you add a second player the exact placement of items is going to get very confusing. If I am to the left of an item and you are to the right of it you are going to hear the item in the left an right speakers symaltaniously. That is why you really need a secondary sound source for each extra player.

Terrence van Ettinger AKA Angus MacLaren wrote:
Couldn't the multi-channel capability of sound cards be implemented to take care of the cutting-off issue? Let one player come through 1 channel, and the other through another channel?n'Coud

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