Hi Matthew,
I agree that network or peer to peer play is probably the best for todays multi-player games, but if you want to play against someone else in your own house hold that can be quite expensive. That would require at least two or more computers to be present on an internal lan inorder to play the same game against each other. What Nicol was looking for was the ability to compete against each other on the same computer. For people like us who have at least 5 computers in our house sitting around the idea of setting up an internal lan to play games is just fine. However, not everyone is as fortunate to have that many computers. Some are lucky to have one good computer let alone two or more. You must keep in mind we are a bit of a minority when it comes to having extra computers just laying around waiting to be used for something.

K. Matthew wrote:
Better yet, why not use net play.  I mean come on most people now and days
have two computers.  Heck, I got 15 computers in this house hold alone.

Any way, net play or lan play how ever you want to call it should be
included in games.  And have at least two keys when you buy a game if it is
a two player.


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