Fantastic 32-bit Computers and where to find them,
Games we'd like to play
by Phil Vlasak
1. Spend a day calling  all the computer stores in your area.
2. Bribe a friend to drive you to the ones who said they had a 32 bit computer. 3. Start out at Best Buy who clamed to have a Compaq Presario SR5610F Desktop PC.
4. It turns out to be a Gateway with 1 GB memory and too slow for Vista.
5. Go to Office Max who may have a 32-bit HP computer.
6. It turns out to be a 64 bit HP computer.
7. Go to Radio Shack who claims to have a HP Pavilion a6522f-b desktop PC in stock. 8. It turns out that they can order it but do not have it in the store as they only carry laptops.
9. Go to Aaron's Computer store who may have a 32-bit computer.
10. It turns out the store is closed on Sundays.
11. Go to Circuit City who claims to have a Compaq Presario SR5610F Desktop PC. 12. It turns out that they only have one and it is a demonstrator model so you will have to wait for an hour as they remove the Circuit City software.
13. It only cost $280 so you go out to dinner.
14. When you return, it turns out that they removed the software from the wrong computer. 15. Make sure they have the correct computer which turns out is not a demonstrator and costs $399. 16. As the store is closing, and they do not have enough time to update the software, wait 24 hours to pick it up. 17. Buy gas as you have now spent five hours shopping for a computer and do not have one yet.
18. Curse all the way home.
19. Take tums to quell your upset stomach.
20. Pray tomorrow will not be as bad as today.

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