Good question. The arrows made during the iron and bronze age were certainly capable of shooting through a man's body provided he didn't have decent armer to protect him. If it hit a man in the center or right side of the chest it would spell a very quick and certain death as it would cut clean through his heart, and his blood would gush out in a couple of minutes or so. If he got hit in a lungue they could fill up with blood drowning the man in his own blood and body fluids. Bottom line getting hit with an arrow could be very faytal if it it hit something major. As for fireballs those could be serious, but I don't think quite as serious. Obviously if you got hit by one you would recieve a nasty burn. You might even catch on fire. Even if you got caught on fire you could roll to put it out, or you could jump into a nearby river, lake, or other body of water to put it out. It would hurt like heck, but not quite as faytal as an arrow blowing a big hole through your heart. Both forms of attacks have certain defences. For fireballs if you soked yourself in water your clothes and gear might not catch fire. For arrows strong metal armer would protect most vital organs from getting hit.

Valiant8086 wrote:
How about a different type of damage? Would a bow and arrow hurt more or less than a fireball?

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