Dark, I can create that mission for you. Do you want it timed? Also want Any 
minds? Where will you want to be placed on the map or do you care? You can drop 
me a message including all the details you can about what you want in the 
mission in my inbox, but be shure the subject maches the email or I might over 
look it. On the other hand, I wish LW came with better sounds, so as soon as 
the soundpack is up, I'll grab it.
I also rather like lone wolf and have no regrets of buying it, but I do wish 
I was a litle less pants at the game.

I can only barely get passed mission five, the one with the aircraft 
carriers, and that only after loooooots of practice and failed attempts.

Despite having all the missions from gma games saved, I really haven't 
played it much sinse I always get so destroyed.

It'd be cool if someone who knows about the mission parza could create some 
more practice and tutorial missions, ---- with stuff like how to hit a 
destroyer going at 30 nots, and a bit more of a chance to work out proper 
firing solutions for various angles of ships, not just 90, 45 and 180 

I admit though, I haven't exactly played the game much after my abysmal 
attempts at the first few missions, so if there are in fact easier more 
practice style missions later on I might well have missed them.

Beware the Grue!



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