Thanks Casey, that's an incredibly kind offer.

Perhaps something that plays a bit more like a cross betwene the first mission and a tutorial, with ships of various speeds passing at various points, and some handy messages popping up during the mission to give hints as to where would be a good targiting angle and placement.

My problem is working out where I should put my sub to shoot a moving ship once I know it's course, sinse this seems to change hugely with the course and speed of the targit, so some hints and practice in this would be great.

You could even give it some atmosphere and plot by having it be your qualification course for becoming a sub captain, or something similar.

Btw, what happens about mission numbers? I have all the 75 missions from gma games, bringing my total up to 92, but I'd imagine people have created more, ---- probably taking the total over the 99 mark. What happens then?

Oh, and where are these extra missions? If david is not hosting them at Gma, might they be hosted elsewhere?The same goes for this tutorial mission if your kind enough to create it casey, sinse it should deffinately be available to everyone I think.

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