For me the highlighting isn't a problem.

I have enough vision to see the colour highlighting myself, I was simply thinking about people who do not and so would find a text announced symbol easier to handle. I have two other questions, is there a way to put Eamon into verbose mode similarly to more standard If games in languages like inform?

Secondly, in both of the beginners cave scenarios i played thus far, I didn't so much complete them as get to a point where I could no longer progress. In the first beginners cave I'd gone everywhere, and got to the temple where I'd killed the priest and got an indifferent reaction from the girl, ---- so never found out if she was a sacrifice or not.

I then just had to turn around, and completely retrace my steps.

In the original beginners cave adventure that wasn't too bad, but when I tried the advanced beginners cave, ---- that took quite a while, ---- though as there was a welded shut door to a castle I couldn't enter or indeed interact with, and I didn't at that stage have the power spell, that might have just been my character.

Appologies for the questions,

I'm only just starting on this.

Beware the Grue!


i'm guessing there isn't, but I thought I'd check anyway.

Beware the Grue!


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