Actually, what you heard was my original sounds and music for the game. I legally own 99% of the sounds and music that was previewed in the demo. In fact, the only sound effects that were borrowed from Tomb Raider were the ones for Lara Croft which I have been using as a place holder for Angela Carter. The rest is all original USA Games audio content. As for the Cyclops at the end of level 1 he is a type of mini-boss of sorts. The reason he doesn't have any special attacks is because Geek mythology doesn't really mention any for the ;Cyclopses in the epics. While it is true the Cyclopses did create Zues's thunderbolt, Hades's helment, and Posidan's trident the Cyclopses were forbiddento use those weapons themselves. The only thing besides their skill as master weapon creators they are known for is their large size and superhuman strength. Thatis why no special attacks, moves, etc. As far as the main boss you have to fight here is a hint. In the Hall of Wisdom you get to ssquare off witht Kampe the dragon who guards the Orgb of Wisdom. She is really going to be mean and tough. She has two attacks. She can hit you with fire breath at a distance or hit you with her scorpion tail up close. Either way you are in deep trouble.

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The game sounds pretty good. I like the fact that there'll actually be combat in it now, that seems to spice things up along with the platforming elements. Just a couple of questions though. Just curious as to when you're planning to put in original sounds? I seem to recall you mensioning those were from some tomb raider game or other. Pretty good sounds actually and they fit the setting, but I don't know how well it'd go if you released them in the actual game, especially if you've already been busted once.

And also, was the cyclopse dude at the end a boss monster? If so, I was kind of wondering if you planned to give the bosses more special attacks and such to make the battles more interesting and sepperate them from the norm. As it was it seemed kind of like it was just a bigger enemy with more hp that could deal more damage. If I remember right, wasn't it the cyclopses that forged Zeus's thunderbolts? Something along those lines anyway. Maybe they could have a special attack involving hurled lightningbolts, and perhaps some kind of attack involving their eye? A gaze that stuns or some kind of beam or something. Just curious. Would be kind of neat to see platforming elements introduced into the more difficult boss battles as well, would add a whole new level of intensity.

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