Hi Clement,
I find that interesting. I'm not sure what part of the world you live, but there are several more DC characters than you mention. For exmple the Flash and Wonder woman have been pretty popular as well. Here is a basic list of the most famous and well known DC heroes. Perhaps you have heard of them?

The Flash
Green Lantern
Martion Manhunter
Wonder Woman

The above list is what i would consider the core members of the DC heroes. I've heard about all of them via cartoons, comic books, and podcasts so often I'd say they are fairly popular here in the U.S. I could understand not hearing of the more little known super heroes like Black Canary, Huntress, Fire, Ice, Stargirl, the Question, etc as they don't appear that often in the DC Comics. Though, there are several heroes that I don't even know very well.

Clement Chou wrote:
My hopes aren't dashed yet. I do hope midway puts out a marvel and mortal kombat clashup. Lady Deathstrike and Kitana as my anticipated matchup. Or maybe Wolverine and Baraka. Either way, I hope it'll happen.

And on the off-topic note, I do agree that marvel characters seem to be more popular. The only real DC icons I'd heard of before this game were Batman, the Joker, Superman and very very rarely Catwoman. Otherwise... rarely. And I hope Capcom and Marvel reproduce another fighting game... I've wanting those, very very badly. lol. I miss Marvel VS. Capcom. But to answer your question, no marvel console fighting games have come out.. though a lot of good beat em ups have made it.

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