Hi Will,
I certainly understand and respect your point of view, but there are other issues to consider here. First, right now Mysteries of the Ancients is currently alpha software not a beta. What that means in programmer lingo is a program functional for testing, but is known to have bugs and is not a complete program. Betas are more or less complete programs, but are known to have bugs. There is a big difference between an alpha and a beta. For example, Mysteries of the Ancients 0.4 alpha only has the first level complete. So even if you guys got it you would come to the end of level 1 and that would be it. no more levels. Of course I plan to add more in the coming days and weeks, but for now obviously the game is still lacking a large portion of the game. This is one reason it is only an alpha not a beta. Here is another case in point. Not too long ago one of the private testers tried saving a game. When the game didn't save his game he asked on the testers list why it wasn't working. I explained that while the Genesis3D engine has that feature it was currently disabled because I am currently rewriting or updating large portions of the engine itself. If you save a game and you try and load it using a newer version of the engine, like the one I am working on now, the saved game will get scrambled in the process. i don't want bug reports on something i already know needs to be fixed. Second, the Genesis3D Engine uses a different product key system than Montezuma's Revenge. That means bbefore everyone who paid for Montezuma's Revenge can upgrade to Mysteries of the Ancients I will have to generate a couple hundred keys, and process all of those orders. Given the amount of time I have had lately to devote to USA Games stuff it would take me a week to process all of those orders. Personally, I think I would be more productive just working on the game, trying to get a decent demo ready, than processing all 200 orders. Third, the Mysteries of the Ancients documentation is still incomplete. Yes, i know people can figure a lot out by playing around with it, but I believe before I release anything to the general public the documentation should be as complete as possible. By supplying good documentation with the demo i can cut down on the number of general questions people are likely to ask. Finally, Mysteries of the Ancients is currently undergoing some major changes. I am presently working on integrating a newer version of the Genesis3D engine into Mysteries of the Ancients 0.5. There are some extensive changes in the newer Genesis Engine such as SDL support instead of DirectX support. I've dropped support for DirectX in the newer Genesis engine not only to make it easier to go cross platform, but installing and setting up SDL is much much easier than installing and updating DirectX 9.0C. However, I've not yet done a lot of testing with the SDL based version of Genesis myself, and I have no idea exactly how Mysteries of the Ancients will perform until i do the upgrade. In a case like that it is better to do some testing with a small group rather than releasing a possibly unstable demo on the general public. If it turns out i need to downgrade to the previous release it is easier to work with 10 people rather than 150 people.

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