Hi Charles,
Thanks for the support. It is certainly nice to have someone put it
in perspective as you did.
As for the updated Genesis Engine hopefully i won't encounter any serious problems. I have been using the SDL support in the updated Star Trek game and it works great both on Windows and Linux builds of the game. I'm certain I wouldn't have too much of a problem getting Star Trek Deadly Alliance to run on Mac OS X natively as well. I've learned quite a bit about building cross platform games, and eventually I would like to see the entire Genesis Engine go cross platform with games like MOTA. That will be sweet!

Charles Rivard wrote:
That's what a public beta will be for. A game manufacturer chooses who they know, or has hear of, that they feel will be a good beta tester based on several issues. Some of those issues are their ability to communicate clearly with no confusion of their meaning, their ability to communicate any problems they find with a beta by being able to tell others at what stage of the game a problem occurred and how they caused the problem to occur, their willingness to work with others to resolve an issue that comes up, their ability to come up with ideas on why a problem might have occurred and how to fix it based on their knowledge of computers, programming, and other factors. There are probably other factors that also come into play that I haven't mentioned as well. Sometimes, a developer does put notices out that he or she is looking for testers, while at other times, enough people have already worked on other projects with the developer and he or she wants them to test this game based on previous experiences as team members. It's the decision of the developer of any game as to how testers are chosen and who they will be. At times, some testers have to be replaced due to unfortunate circumstances, and then the developer must find replacements, but how they do so is up to them. The fact that they preordered a game might, or might not, weigh into the decision. Testing is fun, and it is a lot of time consuming work, and it takes dedication and education. Not everyone who plays a game can be a good tester. Even a public beta is not merely for playing. When it does come out, let's all give Tom all the constructive feedback we can, so that the game is as good as it can be, and so he can move on to his plans for the future of USA Games! Until that beta comes out, let's let the testers do their work in preparation. Tom? I'm behind you all the way! I hope the new engine and the betas go smoothly in all testing phases!

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