Hi Jason,
While it is true mono isn't as feature filled as the Microsoft .NET Framework I wouldn't discount it as a viable development platform either. The current mono build/releases is similar to .NET 2.0 which is good enough for my purposes. I've already built and ran some test builds on Ubuntu Linux 8.10 using SDL and the latest mono releases and everything appears to be working fine. Although, I won't know if everything works properly until the port is complete. As far as converting the Genesis 3D engine to C++ that isn't going to happen in this life time. I have already put a year into writing the engine in C-Sharp, and for the most part it is stable and runs great. I am not going to rewrite the entire engine from scratch. That is way too much work. Besides there are some things I definitely do not like about C++. For example, the way C++ handles object serialization verses C-Sharp. In C-Sharp if you want to serialize a load of game objects and write them out to a file it is rather easy to do. In C++ doing so is rather lengthy and a total pain in the rear to boot. Another reason why I decided not to use C++ is you have to create a native build for every platform you will be using. Since I currently do not own a Mac myself I can't exactly compile a version for Mac OS myself. With a .NET or Mono project you can build it on any operating system and run it on another OS assuming it meets the dependancies and specs. Since I do have a Ubuntu 8.x desktop here, and I know Mac OS 10.5 uses compatible SDL and Mono libraries, chanses are good if it runs on my Linux desktop it will run on Mac OS with little to no changes.

Jason Allen wrote:
Careful Tom. Mono is open source and doesn't support everything that .NET
does. It's probably fine for small projects, but you're probably better off
writing everything in C++ if you're going cross platform. The majority of
open source software is great, but I would hate to depend on them to
complete a project as large as a game engine.


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