Hi James,

James Said:
I haven't tried the beta yet, but on the torches:
I personally think having torches automatically light is helpful in
several ways; since they cannot be used at your disgression their
placement is a clue to the location of a dark area.  You can be pretty
sure that it's close to where you got the torch.

Tom Says:
Well, back when this game was Montezuma's Return we got lots of complaints about torches automatically lighting so we made them a manual light. In this matter it is a lose lose situation. Someones bound to complain no matter which way we go with it, and that is just how it is going to be. As for using torches the entire level is considered to be dark with a few exceptions such as a room with a fire pit, torch, or some other object that would naturally give off light. This isn't exactly that hard to figure out, and isn't rocket science. You are in a dark underground temple and need light constantly to get around.

James Said:
Speaking of items,
I'm not sure I like the idea of hitting enter near an item to pick it
up.  From the demos and trailers (as well as past iterations of the
game) it doesn't seem like you'd ever want to skip or avoid an object.
It sounds to me like lots more "complexity" has been added to the
game, which in the end doesn't achieve anything but a multitude of
additional keypresses.

Tom Says:
Lots of time and effort has been put into adding complexity to the game which may be more interesting to some and more frustrating to others. We can't please everyone and we just have to play this one by ear. As far as using enter to pick up items that is what all the Tomb Raider games do, and since this is a spin off of the Tomb Raider series we like to keep that similar feel and keyboard layout if possible.Besides it is just way to easy if Angela picks up anything near by just by walking over it. you need to actually find it with a lit torch and reach out and pick it up.

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