Hi Thomas,
I am really enjoying the beta.
I do have a few questions and suggestions about torches.
When you start the game you should have a torch burning.
When you pick up a torch in your inventory is should be out and hitting enter would light it.

Do torches have a time limit?
If they do the w key should say torch burning.
If and when the torch goes out it should make a fizzle sound and w would say torch burnt out.

Good job!


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Hi James,

James Said:
I haven't tried the beta yet, but on the torches:
I personally think having torches automatically light is helpful in
several ways; since they cannot be used at your disgression their
placement is a clue to the location of a dark area.  You can be pretty
sure that it's close to where you got the torch.

Tom Says:
Well, back when this game was Montezuma's Return we got lots of
complaints about torches automatically lighting so we made them a manual
light. In this matter it is a lose lose situation. Someones bound to
complain no matter which way we go with it, and that is just how it is
going to be.
As for using torches the entire level is considered to be dark with a
few exceptions such as a room with a fire pit, torch, or some other
object that would naturally give off light. This isn't exactly that hard
to figure out, and isn't rocket science. You are in a dark underground
temple and need light constantly to get around.

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