I agree completely. Count me among the gamers who want to see more complex games. As I said before, the only time I fight realism is when it detracts from either difficulty or challenge factor. I both play mainstream games, mostly one on one fighting, and have watched my brother play several mainstream games, everything from FPS to RPG. I agree we need more games like that. More games with advanced physics and power behind the engine. We have some good audiogames as it stands now, but there are still genres either left uncovered or that have games, but not nearly to the advanced stage that modern gaming has come to. But I realize that most of the audiogame developers are one man teams, and I respect that. Even so, given the advancement audiogaming has made over the past few years, I'll be looking forward to more advanced games in the future.

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That is what my Genesis engine is all about. Using real time physics moddeling, mathematics, etc to simulate realistic movement, targeting, and real world spacial orientation is what drives this engine. Only thing is I think some gamers are put off by the realism expecting something like they are use to rather than something written along the lines of what commercial grade companies create. In fact, the Genesis Engine can do more than you've seen, but since I am currently involved in a side-scroller we can't take advantage of its more advanced features and game play. If people are put off now I'm a bit interested how they will deal with the engine at it's best. I suppose just something simple as items in a dark room being invisible is just all a bit new to some. I'm thinking out of the box, or more precisely more realistic. One thing I hope to do with my Genesis Engine is bring awareness to blind gamers that we don't have to be stuck with simple games. We could have games as complex as those our sighted counterparts play if we just have well trained developers to do it, and of course the financial backing to get sounds, music, to go with the programming too. I don't say this to be disrespectful to my fellow accessible game developers, but when i showed up on the accessible games scene and saw what was available I thought to myself I could do better. Plus seeing a bunch of Space Invader style knock offs, card games, just wasn't my interest area. I wanted games like those I was beginning to play on the PC before I went blind, and that is where USA Games is headed. Anyone, who plays a PS2, PSP, XBox, etc understands those games are usually of a superior nature.

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