Hi Alex,

Alex Asked:
Does anyone no how I get over a casm in mota? I can't figure it out I keep jumping
when I here the message look out but I keep dying.

Tom Says:
Remember to keep two things in mind when trying to jump traps. One your weapons half to be holstered so your hands are for. This was added for more realism, and if they are drawn Angela will certainly drop into a chasm or another trap. Second, how far you jamp can be dependant on how long the jump action keys are held down. Don't do it long enough and she will fall short to her death.

Alex Asked:
also, I no that objects can be invisible unless you have a torch, however how are
we supposed to no which rooms are dark and we should light our  torches in?

Tom Says:
In this game there is no such thing as light and dark rooms. For the purposes here assume all rooms are dark unless there is a turch burning in it, or there is a fire burning in it. This is very realistic and logical if you think about it since rooms with torches and fires would be naturally lit were the rest of the rooms would be dark. Your not the only one to ask this question, and I half to begin asking myself why. I had hoped that some of these details would be fairly obvious to most. Just out of interest why are some of you assuming there is specific rooms for the torches? Is this because of the Montezuma's Revenge game that did this, and now the game is being consciously or unconsiously compared to it?

Alex Said:
as at the moment the way I see it is we're going to have to light our torch every room we go into in order to see if there is anything in it and so obviously waste
a lot of torches needlessly.

Tom Says:
There are going to be plenty of torches to waist so why are you worrying about this? Plus torches usually last for a while so on beginner and intermediate levels you don't even have to worry about conserving light. On expert they are much shorter and you may want to conserve your light source as best you can.
Alex Said:
also, I don't like the way torches work at the moment, I think the number row should be reserved for weapons, I think torches should be accessible to turn on and off
when pressing the t key.

Tom Says:
Sorry, but the current way torches work is how it is going to be. I see nothing wrong with the current setup and no good reason to change it at this late date.
Alex Said:
perhaps a solution would be that if we go into a dark room we hear the noise of
the object that is in the room but we can't get it unless we light a  torch.

Tom Says:
The problem with that approach is that it is totally unrealistic. The entire point behind developing an engine like the Genesis Engine was to be as realistic as humanly possible. Making the items invisible, as you call it, emulates not being able to see them in a dark room. That does not prevent you from picking it up just because you can't see it. From a realism point of view this is just how it should be. So that's where I am coming from on this.

Alex Said:
also, just to let you no if you have a torch lit and you press w for weapon info
it tells you about the torch.

Tom Says:
Yeah, I wrote it. That key doubles as weapon and item info.
as weapon and item info.

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