Hi all,
  For now the working title of the online fighting game is Blood Money. This 
will probably change, but we need something to call it instead of Blind 
Adrenaline's online fighting game, hahaa.
  And yes, I know there was a game in the eighties called Blood Money, one of 
the better shoot 'em ups I ever played in fact.
  Anyhow, maybe this time the thread won't get hijacked by those to 
inconsiderate to change the subject line when they change the topic.
  Back to the game:
  Kel asked about the Wii controllers.  Yes, from my research, we should have 
full access to the Wii remotes, including force feedback, sending audio to the 
remote itself and so forth, which should be an amazing way to interface with 
this and future games from Blind Adrenaline.  When you get ready to do a 
roundhouse kick, you'll have to pull the nunchuck to you, while ripping the 
main controller in a rainbow shape at the same time, pull both controllers to 
your chest to block, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  It looks like using XNA will also allow me to include the use of the XBox 
controllers, which are amazing little devices, with two analog buttons on the 
front, analog sticks on the top and force feedback as well.  In my opinion, 
these are the best non motion sensitive controllers out there, and being able 
to use them with accessible games will be awesome.
  Steady had some good ideas regarding tournament fighting, and it would be 
interesting to gang fight, so you would have two or three people trying to take 
out another two or three.  This would add a whole new dimension to the game, 
but executing this would be tricky for sure.  I'd like to do it, but we'll have 
to see how it goes as the game matures.
  Did some latency testing today, and everything is looking good, at least in 
the continental united states, I haven't done any testing over seas yet, but 
we'll be doing that soon.
  If you have any comments and suggestions for Blood Money, let me know, I am 
outlining everything over the next few weeks, and I'd like to get your input 
before coding starts so we make this the best fighting game out there.
Developer - Blind Adrenaline Simulations
  Play online. The future of Accessible gaming is here.
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