Most games give system requirements, and installation instructions, and a lot is covered on just about every audiogames page thanks in part to dark, richard and a few others. Had you just taken the time to explore the audiogames website and read some game documentation instead of trying things for about 2 seconds, giving up and acting like a victim like you're doing now, you probably would have been in business long ago. I can understand that not everyone is a computer jenius, and odds are I don't have too many friends here due in part to a fiasco on my part a while back, but I don't like to see others blamed for one person's falts. So take it easy, quit playing the role of a victim and you'll get a lot farther in what you try to do. Appologies to the mods for borderline flaming.

Having said that there are a lot of online games and offline text games such as world of legends that can be played without framework and other such things, as well as very basic games like tournament and probably a few others. Usually the truly good ones have some requirements attached to them though.

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thanks Nick for your offer,
I am finally getting it. it would have been fairly simple if in the begining someone had written and said "you absolutely need direct x and the microsoft framwork" and explained what they were Then told me where I might locate them. I have a dialup connection so I am on my third night of downloading the microsoft framwork because it is so huge and I don't want to tie up my phone for 35 hours in a row. As far as direct x I'll get that in one night but the confusion could have all been avoided had someone given me simple specific information and dirrections for what I needed. I finally got enough pointers and the correct direction, so thanks to those who helped. Well it is almost done now and after this I should be ready to try some games, maybe the ones I downloaded .
Thanks for your help

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