Games We'd like to Play.
by Phil Vlasak.
Beware the Grue!
Hearing about this group for years, its existence finally peeked its nose from beneath the rock where it was biding its time to strike. The GREW, or Game Researchers of Unrelenting Excellence, was formed to do away with and discourage those not worthy to play games. Their Chairman of the Bored, code name Dark, led his minions to unrelenting messing up the heads of fledgling game enthusiasts.
From suggesting dial up users to download games so large they would tie
their computers up for days, to sending neophyte game players on wild goose chases after non-existing game sites, the GRUE kept up an unrelenting pressure to make game play fit only for those worthy to leap over their obstacles.
 Their time to strike came when Dark released a Beware the Grue! game.
It was truly a game to Beware, as the download was one gigabyte, it had 500 different creatures attacking you, and all you had to defend yourself with, was a rusty pen knife and a beer can opener.

And to discourage all but the most faithful of game players, the game was voiced entirely by Microsoft Sam.

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