Hi Ryan,

1. I can not jump twice in a row. I have to take a step after jumping the first time
in order to jump again. Is this a bug?
End quote

No, that isn't a bug. I had to add that little restriction to fix a problem with the joystick and mouse. Without that restriction when using a joystick/mouse the game would simply continuously jump until Angela hit a wall, landed in a fire, or whatever. The player absolutely had little to no control over jumping using a joystick or mouse until I added that restriction. Now, things work much smoother.

2. When you draw the sword, sometimes it doesn't play the correct sounds again when
you put it away and bring it back out quickly.
End quote

Ok, haven't noticed that one. Although, not much I can do about that one in any case.

3. Why does Angela lose oxygen in the water? I thought it was supposed to be a lake?
It doesn't sound like that deep of water, what's it supposed to be?
End quote

Well, Angela is losing oxygen/air because she is swimming underwater. Especially when retreaving the keys from the water. As for what exactly it is suppose to be I'm still figuring that out. I've thought of everything from a flooded room, to an underground lake, underground stream, whatever. Just haven't decided what it is suppose to be.

4. I liked the original arrow sounds better. The way you have it now just doesn't
sound right.
End Quote

Ok, that's an easy enough request. No problem.

5. I tried to load a game, and the intire program was unresponsive. I had to close
it with the windows task manager.
End quote

By load game I am assuming here you mean you tried to load a saved game. Did you in fact have a saved game before trying to load a game, and was it saved in the same slot as the one you tried to load? I know these questions sound dumb, but they are actually important. I need to know step by step what you did so I can attempt to reproduce the problem.

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