Saddening, I for the most part usually play solo on muds. I generally don't like to party with people, both because of the spam and because generally for some reason the xp is split between party members rather than either leaving it the same or doubling it as a form of party encouragement. I also don't like to just sit there while someone drags me around through really tough areas that I can't even hit anything in, my thought is usually if I can't take the monster solo, its probably not much worth beating anyway. Just my opinion though. Having said all that I'm not adverse to taking a little help here and there, but I know I've definitely come off a lot more knowledgeable in the process for doing my own exploration, killing and sometimes questing and collecting rather than asking people to help me do it, no offense intended to anyone here. Its just the way I play games.

As for darks assessment, I'm kind of of the same opinions. The newbie area seems to be oddly tough, especially if you're a new mudder, and you can miss a lot with the level 10 limit imposed. The first time through I wouldn't have even completed the trial if not for a bit of luck towards the end, and then I missed the third quest, the mark of wisdom. I've also never been a fan of overland wilderness, especially not lazy wildernesses that use ascii maps rather than dynamic text descriptions and directions to tell you where you're going, aka discworld, conquest, project bob. Once again, just my opinion. I'd like to think I gave the game its fair due, played for a couple days and granted I didn't get much past the newbie phase but if the quests stay that hard and hintless throughout the entire game, as much as I like questing odds are it won't be my thing. I prefer to have quests almost spoiled for me rather than play through the type of quests that barely even tell you what they need, much less give you a hint on where to find it and such, aka uossmud, new moon. This is all just my opinion though, I tend to lose interest in muds rapidly, the longest I've ever stuck with a mud was a year or so, and that was back when I used to play alter aeon, before everyone went insane and I realized just how stock the game really is.

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as for the monster in the lake, yes you need a form to beat that one. It is a way to introduce you to group combat since many runs in the game require cooperation of a team.
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