Like I said, its not the wilderness that's my problem, it's the way the wilderness was done. Text descriptions of roads, plains and such rather than a dynamically changing ascii map is much better for an overland wilderness in my opinion. I two am a questing fiend, but I prefer to actually know what I'm doing in my quests, not be told to go retrieve the seven shards of an ancient sword, and that they're scattered around the world, but get absolutely no hints on where even one of said shards can be found, or how to reassemble them when you've found them. This is just an example, not an actual quest in MM, but its saddening how many muds have quests like this. I never could figure out how people, erm, figured them out. Its definitely not one of the worst muds out there, its got some interesting features, both that I've seen in action and heard of. But I can't in all honesty say its one of the best either. I pretty much agree with everything you said in your reply though. If you're a questing fiend you might wish to check out Asylum or New Moon, both are very, very difficult muds, though asylum is quite newbie friendly, and asylum especially, is quest based. The entire mud revolves around a quest list and you actually can advance quicker by questing instead of grinding if you have done a fair amount of quests. As for partying, asylum's got a couple of quests that are actually made for groups. But on most muds, its just as you said, the party turns pretty much into a crowd. That and parties rarely stop and explore or do much in the way of questing, usually people party up so have a big leader guy drag them through tough areas for a lot of XP, or just for someone to hang out with to break up the tedium of the grind. Anyway I'm not trying to sway you to my way of thinking, just stating my opinions mostly. Perhaps you'll find more enjoyment in MM than I ever could.

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To be honest my previous post was more in the matter of frustration than an actual assessment, sinse I'm royally irritated that just as I've spent 18 hours on the game and finally think I'm working things out, I'm booted streight out of the newby area without being able to finish the quests I started. and now I'll have to spend another 18 hours or so playing with either this character restarted, or a new one in order to finish them, ---- pluss it seems I'll need to be dam careful what I do and do not kill in the village so as not to go over my xp limit.

I never even got to looking at the mark of wisdom beyond finding the statue eyes from fighting pixies.

I don't yet know about party play in these sorts of games. I'm personally more a questing fiend, but I could see formations being a fun so long as the group size was small enough and it didn't just become a crowd.

As to the exploration side, I'm a fan of exploration in games, ---- especially large areas, and the wilderness in Mm reminded me heavily of fallthru, ---- it had that open ended feel.

What slightly narks me is that you can be standing slap bang next to something, or on a road, and have no indication of where it was at all.

for instance, when wandering around the lake searching for that fairy dust, I had to physically start at the north side, move east, and keep trying to go south to insure that I was stil skirting the edge of the lake, ----- ditto with trying to actually follow a road.

Would it really kill the game's admins to insert the words "there is a lake/road/forest to the n/e/ etc" in descriptions?

I think I might give the game one more go and see how i do with completing the newby area quests once again if I can, pluss choosing to start with different skills leveled up, sinse this is also my first mud experience.

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