Hi Luk√°,

Yes, I'm sorry, but it would be more difficult than you would think.  For one, 
I do not have access to road maps of the United States like the original 
sighted programmer of the trucker game did.  And as I said I was not the 
original programmer and thus did not write the code so that it could be 

The same thing with the golf game that I was not the original programmer of.  
Over the years as many people have asked me to make the golf game a multi 
player game as have asked me to modify the trucker game, but it just can not be 
done.  People such as David Greenwood have looked at the golf game code and 
said that it is just not possible without writing the whole thing from scratch.

When programming a game or whatever, one wants to have an idea of what the 
program is going to be asked to do right from the start, because the code often 
can not be modified to do things not in the original plan.  Often one would 
just want or need to start over from scratch.  And truthfully I have no plans 
to write a trucker game from scratch.  You know for one reason, I do not have 
road maps.  And another reason is that I am working on Mach 1 tts.  And have a 
couple of other games in mind which will take up at least the next year or so.



Is it just me or do Giant Eagle wings taste like chicken?

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Chardon Ohio USA
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