Note: Every single word below this line is commercial talk which can be 
disregarded. The real message of this message, is that I would like some 
feedback on my new accessible game release. But for the fun of it still, here's 
the more commercial way...

Hello gamers,

As those of you following the forum may know, there is a new 
audiogame in development. This game has been in development for over a month 
now under the codename Excalibur. And the first result from this development is 
an MP3 demo of the menu system, just to rise some excitement. *smiles*

So what is this Excalibur thing anyway? Well, to put it as basic as I can: 
Excalibur is your sci-fi dream becoming true. Ever wanted to pilot a 
spacefighter? Ever wanted to face a one-on-one battle with your opponent, 
either using AI or via multiplayer? What, ever wanted to stand up against a 
whole fleet of enemy fighters in an AI driven game? Then stop wanting it, now 
it's time to get it!

Project Excalibur is a new audiogame that is planned for beta release in 
December 2009. The game is based on CrystalSpire, the game engine that was 
written only to serve the needs of this exciting new title. CrystalSpire uses 
XAudio2 for the latest and greatest audio performance, is optimized to run on 
older and slower machines, and has numerous other features that will ensure a 
great experience.

The project's current status is not too exciting though --- the menu system has 
just been completed. There will probably be some minor enhancements, and of 
course some vast extensions, but the basic system is up and ready to go. And 
because you still don't know much about the "real thing" after reading this 
plain text message, I decided to put an MP3 demo online so that you can hear 
what has been built so far. For more information regarding the story and 
proposed details of the game, refer to the following topics in the forum:

- A new game to shake the stars: Project Excalibur


- The Flight Commander trailer


The MP3 demo file can be found here:

Please have a listen and be sure to send me suggestions, ideas, remarks, 
complaints, requests or any other type of feedback if you like. Also, don't 
hesitate to ask for further information, or to add to the game's storyline.


Davy Kager - Project Excalibur / CrystalSpire Main Developer
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