Hi Dark,
Smile. I agree with you whole heartedly. I'm just as turned off by this focus on pvp, guild wars, and grinding on web based games as you are. In fact I began working on Legends of Etheria for exactly the same reasons you mentioned. I want a single player rpg game that is as close to a paper and pen game as a person can get, and also have a detailed interactive story line too. That's why I began with a stand alone game first. However, as I explained writing a game in C++, Java, C-Sharp, whatever wasn't practical from a logistical point of view. As soon as I started testing out my game ideas in php it was immediately obvious it was the easiest way to go. If you have an rpg game with 5,000 php scripts and you want to add a new adventure to a certain area simply upload the new scripts to the web server, and make a link to it in the proper web page. That takes maybe five minutes tops. No recompiling the game, no uploading the entire game, no worrying about software dependencies, and so on. Using a web interface is a very simple and straightforward means of designing a game of its size. Anyway, I just wanted to say we are on the same page with this. Basically, my point was that it was easier and more practical make the game an online game. I did not say I was actually planning on adding pvp and party style play in Legends of Etheria any time soon. I'm just as interested as you are in creating a single player roll playing game with a detailed story and full of adventures.

dark wrote:
Hi Tom.


While i take the points about interface, ability to update the game easily and make it ultiplatform, my concern with the game being entirely online and multiplayer is that it avoides the traps of focusing on pvp, guild wars, power gaming and grinding which seem to dominate so many other web games.

How about hosting the game online and using that system, but having no player interaction or comparison the way Sryth used to be.

I'm sorry, i was just very much looking forward to a really detailed story driven single player game, ---- which actually doesn't exist on the internet at the moment from what I can determine.

If people want pvp or party adventuring, ---- there are muds and rpgs aplenty which offer those things.

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