Hi Dark,
Yeah, Packman Talks is strategically different from the original in that you can't see where all the ghosts are at one single glance. There is always that possibility you will be zooming down a corridor at maximum speed and a ghost will get you buy surprise.

However, the original off set this by giving the ghosts lots of speed. Even though you could see where all the ghosts were in the original game they were fast and difficult to avoid once they were on your tail. Especially, on higher difficulty levels.

dark wrote:
Though I stil have enough vision to play original packman (symple high contrast graphics), I actually prefer the audio version as a game.

You have the added task of navigating the maze and locating the dots, and it's much more enjoyable suddenly turning a corner and being faced with a ghost than just looking and instantly knowing that the ghosts are a long way from you.

I'll admit, i do also find the audio one easier to play owing to field of vision issues, but stil, I'd say converting the game to audio adds a lot more challenge interest, and replayability to it.

As far as maps go, I find the map in dynaman fairly understandable sinse I've only got to care about where the dots are and nothing else, and vaguelying knowing that they're in the center of the level rather than at a corner is extremely helpful.

In Sarah however, I find the map slightly harder to deal with owing to the greater variety of things in each level, and the more complex layout.

Perhaps the map could be made eaiser to deal with by introducing a specific key press to read each row of the level, ---- say when first activating the map, you get a left to right view of what is immediately on the same horizontal level as your character, then hotkeys could be added to scan the rows above and below.

that way the player would have more reference when reading the map as to what he/she was looking at relative to her/his character's position.

Afterall, in audio chess or battleships games it's possible to read each row, and an audio map for a game showing a top down view ala packman is only an extention of the same viewing principle.

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