Hi Dark,
Hmmmm....While I had hoped to avoid using Sapi support in Raceway it does make sense under the circumstances. As I see it what you are suggesting is that I save the games data in a text or xml file that can be edited by hand in notepad. When loaded all of the driver, car, and track info will be spoken aloud by Sapi. That is an elegant solution.

In that case it wouldn't matter what data ships with the game, because it is all relative. If I want USA Raceway to be like the Nascar 2009 season all I need to do is edit the driver info by supplying the correct name, with the car he drives, number, and sponsor. All of this info can easily be obtained off of nascar.com so it isn't hard to find if any user wishes to play it that way.

Another cool advantage is this might be a way of updating the game. Every time there is a new Nascar season I could write up season profiles, post them to the web site, and people could download them. That way the game doesn't get old, and is frequently being updated with new seasons, drivers, whatever. On the other hand I can go back in time and write up profiles for passed seasons with the glory days of racing like the 1970's and 1980's. All of this of course depends on if the cars are of similar spec.


dark wrote:
Tom, if sapi is used and if the game is customizable, there would be the possibility for those who know about motor racing to create such factors themselves.

Heck, if customizations are at all saveable you could offer some sort of pack with this information in.

While I can understand that people would want the game realistic, I'd personally be against tying the game unutterably to real world racing drivers etc, sinse that streight out excludes people who do not know anything about racing, and would make the game hardr to deal with on that basis.

To satisfy both parts, I'd personally recommend some sort of customization perhaps with a pre-customized version set to mimic actual racing drivers, just In the same way that in Jim's baseball game you can create your own team and players, ---- using either actual players and teams or your own inventions.

just my thoughts.

Beware the grue!


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