So I saw a joke topic on gamefaqs about this... joke meaning it was someone 
trashing things about teken that were completely untrue. So here's some serious 
discussion. Which do you think is better and why? Here are my reasons laid out 
on the table. Quite simple, really.

Although Mortal Kombat is fun, it's the type of fun that lasts for a couple 
hours. The gameplay engine isn't that deep when you think about it. Sure 
characters have combos and special moves, but there's not too much to learn. 
You learn how to do combos and special moves and how to block. That's all you 
need to do to play MK. Tekken? It seems to me to be a whole different story. 
You have to learn combos as well, yes. But you also need to learn the moves you 
can do while you're crouching, while your character is standing up, positions, 

Other reasons... tekken has better presentation. The voice acting in tekken has 
always been great, and the one thing I take over mortal kombat? Characters in 
tekken say things that make sense. In japanese, chinese, korean or english, but 
they all make sense. MK fighters seem to yell nonsense words. Sonya's bicycle 
kick in MK vs dc universe for example. Take a listen... tekken doesn't have the 
best sounds for punching and kicking, but the cutseens are backed by great 
acting and great emotion. The music is also great, with a whole lot of 
diversity and different styles.

There are my reasons. People's opnnions? What does everyone like?
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