Tekken is reportedly coming out with a movie some time this year. It will star Jin Kazama, and is supposed to be about the time between tekken 3 and 4, I believe. But we'll see.

I do agree with you... and I do notice that most of the best tekken players I know also do or have done some form of martial arts in one way or another.

What I also like about the tekken storyline is the fact that within the main plot of the tournament for each game which is always different, each character has some form of storyline or another. For example. In tekken 5 the tournament revolves around Heihachi's father, Jinpachi being the sponsor, but Jin has his own entirely separate plot for the game, involving him trying to find out details about the devil gene and how to keep it in check.

Here's an example to clarify what people say about Tekken's storyline having more flexibility and diversity than MK. Here's a breakdown for everyone who's interested. The tekken storylines are for tekken 3, 4 and 5. Mk storylines will be for Mk3, 4, deadly alliance and deception. The point should become clear.

Tekken 3.. in a nutshell, a fighting god has began attacking martial artists.across the world. Heihachi holds the king of iron fist tournament 3 to lure ogre out in an attempt to make himself a superior creature to a normal human being. Tekken 4. Heihachi wants the devil gene that is devided between his son, Kazuya Mishima and his grandson, Jin kazama. He holds the king of iron fist tournament 4 to acquire it from both of them and to be able to ambush them in a trap.

Tekken 5. At the end of T4 t as tekken, Jin Kazama knocks heihachi and kazuya unconscious then departs after telling them they have his mother to thank for being spared. Tekken 5 starts mere seconds after. This is a basic description of the tekken 5 intro movie.

Heihachi and Kazuya are lying unconscious inside the temple where Jin beat both o them. Suddenly, a squad of mack robots appear and ambush the pair. Heihachi and Kazuya fight together for a time, then Heihachi begins to weaken. Seeing this, Kazuya picks Heihachi and hurls him into the middle of the group of robots to escape by using his father as a distraction. Seconds later, one of the jacks sets off a self-distruct sequence, demolishing the temple and apparently killing heihachi. Jinpachi mishima, who is heihachi's father, is imprisoned in a basement under the temple and is currently posessed by a demon, brakes loose, takes the mishima zaibatsu and opens the fifth tournament for reasons unknown..

Right. That's the tekken. Now for the MK storylines, which can all be summed up in one or two sentences.

MK 3 and 4 are both about people from diferent worlds invading earth... MK 3 had Shao Kahn, 4 had shinok. Deadly alliance and deception feature more of the same... attempts to take over certain areas by certain people, always by conquest.

Maybe I've been a bit unfair.. but I feel this is reasonably well-summarized. As well, in MK each character's bio and endings have nothing that tie them together... unlike tekken's story mode prologues and endings.

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