I'll experiment wih this later, as I'm surprised the original method I 
plsted may not work, but I found alternative instructions from about a month 
ago on a Gemstone IV forum regarding playing with a non-supported Simutronics 
client.  They are similar to what I originally posted, just looking for a 
different file with a .sal extension.  I've rewritten the instructions in 
places for conciseness and clarification.

1. Log in to your Simutronics account at the GS website and go to the "Go 
Play!" page.
2. Select the character with which you wish to play. Don't log in to the game 
3. Select either the Wizard or Stormfront as your client.
4. Click the "Go Play!" button. When you do this, your web browser should 
hopefully attempt to open a file ending in .sal. Save that file to your disk.
5. Open the saved .sal file in Notepad. The most important lines are the last 
three lines, starting with GAMEHOST, GAMEPORT, and KEY.
6. Now go into GMUD or your client of choice. Enter whatever comes after the 
'=' in the GAMEHOST line as the "Host" to which you want to connect.
7. Enter the GAMEPORT into your client's field.
8. Connect to the game. The client will connect and then appear to hang. What 
it's doing is waiting for your KEY and your front-end choice. We'll enter
that in the next two steps.
9. Copy whatever comes after the '=' in the KEY line of the .sal file directly 
into the MUD client and hit enter. This will send your key to the Simu server;
it will seem as if there is no response.
10. Now type into your MUD client the following (and then hit enter): /FE:JAVA

That should connect you to the game. Good luck!
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