Hi Yohandy,
At this point Mysteries of the Ancients is very near complete in its current form. The main reason for that is most of the stability issues and features have been added to the Genesis Engine which means the engine is pretty much done. The only thing I really have to do is add the extra levels, monsters, traps, etc and release the game.
That said, it wouldn't be a big deal to convert it to an FPS title.
Below you mentioned I'd have to completely rewrite it as an FPS title. That's not true, because the Genesis Engine was designed for 3D FPS titles. The side-scroller stuff was an addition to the engine specially for this game alone. So all I'd have to do to convert it to a full blown FPS is asign hot keys to the various FPS commands such as jump foward, sidestep left/right, walk forward/backward, etc and redraw the levels with the level editor. There might be some additional testing involved since most of the 3D FPS stuff has never been fully tested, but the fact remains the core functionality is there. Which brings me to a good thought. Given the fact the engine is pretty well on it's way to being able to do either one it might be helpful to upload both versions to the web site. In other words leave beta 9 up there, and upload a FPS type version to let user's see what it might be like as an FPS. That's a bit more work, but a thought.

Yohandy wrote:
Ok Thomas I have a question. How far from completion is MOTA at the current time? If the only thing left are the levels, then it would probably be a lot easier to complete the game as is as opposed to completely rewriting it as an FPS. The game is very polished and error free at this point, not to mention it took you an extremely long time to code. If you were planning on releaseing it by christmas, then I'm guessing there's not much left, and you can finally give this whole thing a rest. Also since you don't like releasing incomplete games, would it be very difficult to change all references to Monty and release the old game as an open source project? I must admit I always wanted to check out the rest of the monty levels. I was always curious what happened next. remember the copyright holders never even played the game, so they've no idea what the game does or doesn't contain or if there are any relations to monty. in fact they probably forgot all about you. I'm sure they have better things to do than chase an audiogame developer around for very little gain.

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