Hi Yohandy,
Maybe, but here is the thing. If I decided to rerelease Montezuma's Revenge under a new name I'd feel compelled to fix it and finish it. Essentially voiding all of the time spend on Mysteries of the Ancients. Oh, I'd end up with two games instead of one to be sure, but if I had done that in the first place none of this would be happening now. Anyway, the point I'm getting at is I take considerable pride in my work. I can not contiously and knowingly release an incomplete product with known bugs in it. That too me is like shotty workmanship. Look at it like this. You hire a contractor to paint every room in your house. He does a few rooms and says he quits. However, since you paid for the work to be done in advance you are likely to want a refund or to have him finish the job. He decides to do neither. That contractor is now going to be blamed for shotty and incomplete workmanship, and rightly so. He should either finish the work or offer a partial refund for the work not completed. Well, it could be argued my situation is different, and it is to a point. On the other hand it is not so different. James and I both took money for a project that is yet ot be completed one way or another. It can be argued MOTA is a superior product than the one offered. Well, that may be, and if so I need to deliver that product. However, if I go back to the old Montezuma's Revenge source then it needs to be completed in order to fulfill the purchase of that title. Then, I can do as I wish with MOTA.

Yohandy wrote:
I would be more than satisfied if all monty references were removed and the 6 levels released in their current form. If you have the source code, you could even add a boss at the end for completion if you so wish. together with what we now have of MOTA, that should be enough. then you can convert MOTA into an FPS game and we can buy that once it comes out. this should be an easy way to please people I think.

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