I do not believe creating accessible games from scratch would be considered viable by any of the game developers.

Blindness is a very low incidence group which only effects .6% of the population of any technologically advanced country, and up to .8% of non-technologically advanced countries.

I use to work as an accessibility consultant for a few companies which develop consumer electronics. Companies are primarily only interested if they can make a profit. Only very small companies which are trying to break in to the market typically consider our extremely small numbers as being a viable market segment.

Some of you may remember the Sharp Talking Time I, one of the best pocket talking clocks which came out in the early 80's. Within a couple years, Sharp took it off the market. That clock was very popular amongst blind people. We purchased several tens of thousands of them.

That clock was not very popular among any other market segment. Sharp needed several hundred thousand sales to consider the product as viable.

The numbers which we can bring to any mainstream product are currently no where near enough for the company to consider us as a viable profit-making group for targeting.

Note: Apple is the only large mainstream company that I am aware of which has adopted blindness accessibility across its entire product line as a corporate position. I do hope other large companies follow Apple's lead, but have my doubts for the near future.

David Chittenden, MS, CRC, MRCAA

Allan Thompson wrote:
Hi Tom,
Do you think it would cost more or less money for a game company like Sony to make purely accessible games from scratch, then to make a regular title for the sighted? My thought is this, could a game company set up a dedicated department that makes just accessible games that would probably cost less then a regular title to make, enough of these accisible games could propel the buying of console systems with peripherals among the blind and disabled community. The accessible titles could probably be sold for the same price as sighted games but with a larger profit perhaps?
Maybe I am just being naive here, what do you and others think?


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