Hi Dark,
Actually, Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula, is now in the public domain. So not only is Count Dracula in the public domain so are the other main characters in the novel. I guess what people need to be aware of there are two copyrights to think about when developing games or any other multimedia. The book itself is in the public domain. However, various radio broadcasts, movies, and of course any games using Dracula are not. So even though Castlevania uses a lot of common public domain enemies etc I still have to be careful how much of the original game I reuse for my own clone.


dark wrote:
Nice idea Bryan, however my point was that other than in the castlevania series, whips as holy weapons that have power over even normal undead like skeletons and zombies, let alone vampires etc are rather unknown, ---- I'm not sure why nintendo chose to give Simon a whip in the first place other than it being cool rather like Indiana jones' whip is cool.

As though Tom would obviously for copywrite reasons create an audio castlevania game which did not use the Belmont Family, ---- or possibly the Vampire killer whip, ---- why not include a more biblically logical weapon such as King Soloman's spear, the sword of Richard the Lion heart etc.

I'd hope Count Dracula was enough of a general public or historical character (there was afterall really a Count called vlad tepes dracula), for him to be useable in the game, even if all the other character's from stokers novel, ---- Johnathan Harker, mena and lucy etc wouldn't.

Beware the grue!


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